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Social Science and Economics Research Coordination Program (SSERCP)

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University of Tasmania (UTAS)

Principal Investigator:

Emily Ogier

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Adoption, Communities, Environment, Industry


Phases I&II of the SSRCP successfully raised awareness of the need for, and increased the use of, social science fisheries research to improve fisheries and aquaculture sector outcomes. SSRCP I&ll also highlighted the need for a social sciences reference group for FRABs, researchers, industry and managing agencies, and for coordination of social science fisheries research. Across this same period the societal needs and drivers impacting marine resource management have increased in importance (Barclay 2012; Mazur, Curtis et al. 2014). Further research activity is needed to address challenges regarding the social impacts, acceptability and sustainability of fisheries and aquaculture and to better integrate research across the social sciences (including economics) and between social and biological sciences. The 2014 FRDC Social Sciences Survey indicated broad support for continuation of SSRCP activity and highlighted the Program’s role in linking social science research outputs with decision-making and representations of the industry, brokering collaborations and in facilitating the uptake of FRDC’s key national interest projects. While there is clear need for continuing the activities that have been the SSRCP’s remit, there is the scope to extend the suite of activities by working closely with the 'FishEcon' project and, post- 30/06/15, with its legacy activities (in particular the FishEcon Network). Such a partnership will result in efficiencies in the delivery of project activities, including newsletters and other networking activities, and in project administration; provide the opportunity to develop tighter integration between economics and the social sciences in research, extension and capability building.


1. Support the FRDC to meet relevant objectives as outlined in its 2015-2020 RD&E Plan and the National Fishing and Aquaculture RD&E Strategy, as well as other needs arising from FRDC's existing programs and projects

2. Collaborate with the industry and managing agencies to identify emerging issues in wild harvest, aquaculture, post harvest, recreational and indigenous fishery sectors and the associated key social science and economics research needs

3. Co-ordinate and undertake the communication of key social science and economic research needs to the research community and research outcomes of the Program to fishers and management agencies.

4. Provide program management for social science and economics projects to ensure quality and relevance by undertaking evaluation and review of project proposals, and milestone and final reports.

5. Build further capability in fisheries social sciences and economics research to meet the needs of industry and managing agencies in addressing emerging issues in wild harvest, aquaculture, post harvest, recreational and indigenous fishery sectors