National Seafood Industry Leadership Program 2015 - 2017

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Affectus Pty Ltd

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Jill Briggs

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FRDC is in the process of developing a new strategic plan and irrespective of the themes being developed people remain at the core of all industry research and develop therefore developing the future leaders of the industry should remain a priority to the industry. The 2012-2014 NSILP project is yet to be evaluated however there is data indicating the continued need for the program. This data includes positive outcomes for the participants, building strong understanding of diversity and strength across the industry and positive profile raising for the industry. However the greatest need remains the succession of the industry and the need for ongoing opportunity to skill-up and build the knowledgeable of the individuals who will step into leadership roles. People development and leadership are currently identified strategies for the industry and the NSILP 2015-2017 will certainly address this strategic need. The NSILP 2015-2017 will address the needs discussed above through providing skill development in key leadership areas such as inter-personal, team and strategy and planning. The NSILP will also address the needs of building an understanding of the diversity of the industry through ensuring a broad participant cohort and ensuring guests and program speakers reflect industry breadth and deliver addresses that also reflect the diversity of the industry/community. The NSILP will raise the positive profile of the industry through building professionalism amongst the participants and through the delivery of a number of participant addresses to the industry guests throughout the program. The NSILP 2015-2017 will address the succession of leadership in the industry by encouraging each of the participants, at the commencement of the program, to identify an aspirational leadership target. There will also be opportunity for program guests to identify participants who should engage with their organisations.


1. The NSILP project objectives are:-1 To update the current NSILP through a review and desktop research process

2. To provide NSILP learning materials reflecting the above updated program

3. To facilitate a NSILP application and selection process that results in a diverse cohort of program participants

4. To provide a professionally facilitated nine-day industry leadership program for the seafood community

5. To manage the support and development of fifteen (15) NSILP participants/graduates

6. To create strong networks and succession opportunities between the seafood community and NSILP participants/graduates

7. To develop and deliver a project evaluation process at the conclusion of the project

National Seafood Industry Leadership Program 2015-2017

Final Report
Author(s):Jill Briggs
Date Published:December 2017
National Seafood Industry Leadership Program 2015 - 2017 successfully graduated its seventeenth group of participants under current funding arrangements. The National Seafood Industry Leadership Program (NSILP) 2017 has now concluded with applications being currently sought by the Rural Training Initiatives Pty. Ltd. (RTI P/L) to continue the program for another three years as part of the industry’s new funding round with up to six programs being funded. This final report details the methods and outcomes from the NSILP 2015 - 2017 project. Keywords:  Leadership, fishing, seafood, indigenous, aquaculture, wild caught, recreational, industry, organisations, National Seafood Industry Leadership Program.