Research, Development and Extension Strategic Planning Workshop for NSW Commercial Fishing Industry

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Professional Fishermen’s Association Inc (PFAI)

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Tricia E. Beatty

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The NSW RAC intention is to utilize each sectors R&D Strategic Plans to form a component of the NSW RAC Plan. The NSW Commercial Fishing R&D Strategic Plan is outdated and no longer relevant. Strategic planning is central to the ensuring funding of research, develop and extension is prioritized and meets industry needs. A five year plan will guide investment in R,D & E, and each year the Fisheries Research Advisory Committee needs to scan its business environment and review its RD&E activities to ensure its portfolio is balanced, well directed and meets the needs of the NSW commercial fishing industry. To ensure that the FRDC's RD&E investment is undertaken with reference to the priorities of the NSW commercial fishing industry a strategic plan must be developed through extensive consultation with key stakeholders and the PFA. The PFA has identified that a industry workshop should be held to understand the research and development needs for the NSW commercial fishing industry and information gaps. The PFA proposes that a R&D Strategic Plan is needed for the NSW commercial fishing industry to ensure relevant and strategic priorities are set for the industry.


1. The development and publication of a Strategic Plan for R&D in NSW that incorporates a process for continuous improvement in the identification of change in R&D priorities and communication between stakeholders.

New South Wales Commercial Wild Catch Fishing Industry Research Development & Extension Strategic Plan 2018 – 2023

Final Report
Author(s):Tricia Beatty
Date Published:December 2019
This project is aimed to develop a New South Wales (NSW) Commercial Wild Catch Fishing Industry research Development & Extension (RD&E) Strategic Plan for 2018-2023 to ensure relevant and strategic priorities are set for the industry. The plan was based on the development of a draft plan through an industry workshop that included relevant industry and commercial fishing experts with the draft plan than distributed further for a more extensive consultation process amongst industry. Once the RD&E Strategic Plan (Appendices 1) was finalised it was then provided to relevant bodies including FRDC, the NSW RAC and the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries (NSW DPI).
This plan is an essential component for all future directions regarding research, development and extension funding priorities for the NSW commercial wild catch fishing industry over the next five years.

A copy is also available from the PFA website (http://www.nswpfa.com.au/)