Oysters Australia IPA: development of a national Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS) response plan

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Oysters Australia Ltd

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Jan Davis

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POMS affects all Pacific Oysters growing states. there is a need for a coordinated national response plan.


2. Develop a national POMS response plan

Final Report - 2015-406-DLD Development of a National Industry Response to Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS)

Final Report
Author(s):Jan Davis
Date Published:April 2016
Principle Investigator: J. Davis
Keywords: Pacific Oyster, Oysters, POMS, Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome, Crassostrea Gigas, Ostreid herpesvirus-1 microvariat, OsHV-1, Industry recovery plan
Pacific Oyster Mortality Syndrome (POMS) is a disease affecting Pacific Oysters. It is caused by the virus Ostreid herpesvirus-1 microvariant (OsHV-1 μVar). POMS has been associated with high mortality events involving Pacific oysters in Europe, New Zealand,  NSW and most recently Tasmania. All ages of Pacific Oysters may be affected, but spat and juvenile oysters often suffer higher mortalities. The first POMS event in Australia occurred in late 2010, when high mortalities occurred in two estuaries in NSW (Botany Bay and Port Jackson). In February 2016, POMS was detected in a major farming area on the east Coast of Tasmania with high mortality, and rapidly spread to a number of other growing areas. Tasmanian hatcheries also supply much of Australia's pacific Oyster spat to the industry, impacting NSW and South Australia as those States immediately took precautionary steps by placing a ban on the importation of spat stock from Tasmania.
This National Response Plan was initiated by Oysters Australia with the support of the FRDC. It has been developed to identify programs that would improve the industry’s capacity to recover from this event, and would also contribute to building resilience for future growth and sustainability. The underlying components of support actions contained in this POMS Response Plan are separated into “Actions of Need” depending on ratings of urgency and impact.