NCCP: identifying synergistic genetic bio control options for Cyprinus carpio in Australia

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Wedekind Gutachten

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Claus Wedekind

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A review of genetic biocontrol options for carp in Australia will assist the Science Advisory Group (SAG) of the National Carp Control Plan (NCCP) and other decision-makers to identify suitable techniques or approaches for potential inclusion in the NCCP. At its third meeting, the SAG reviewed two applications to prepare genetic biocontrol technologies for use on carp in Australia. One application focussed on the ‘Daughterless Carp’ technology, while the other concentrated on the Trojan Y Chromosome technique. After discussing these applications, SAG members agreed that the group lacked sufficient knowledge to make a well-informed decision, and requested that NCCP management procure an expert review of genetic biocontrol technologies to clarify decision-making on research investment. Most of the Australian experts with knowledge in this area already have considerable intellectual property invested in a particular technique. To ensure an independent perspective, NCCP management is therefore seeking an international expert to conduct the review.


1. Review of genetic biocontrol options for carp in Australia