Future Oysters CRC-P Communication and Adoption

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Australian Seafood Industries Pty Ltd (ASI)

Principal Investigator:

Matt Cunningham

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Oysters Australia through Australia Seafood Industries as the eligible industry applicant has been successful in obtaining funding for the Future Oysters CRC-P. This CRC-P will expend $5.011 million over the next three years (Oct 2016 until Aug 2019) conducting RD&E to address industry issues associated with with aquatic diseases and production. This project addresses the need to extend the findings of the research projects that will be undertaken by the 15 partner organisations that comprise the Future Oysters CRC-P. Each of the seven major research projects that comprise the R&D program will generate ouputs that need to be extended to, and adopted by, industry. The project will provide funding to undertake communications and extension activities needed to maximise adoption of project outputs to achieve changes that should ultimately improve production and profitability. The Future Oysters CRC-P is required to have a communication and education and training program and we have committed to this in previous reports to DIIS.


1. Effectively communicate findings and activities of all Future Oysters CRC-P R&D projects to industry, other researchers and stakeholders.

2. Conduct specific extension activities that provide opportunities for growers to be exposed to findings of Future Oysters CRC-P R&D to maximise adoption and impact

3. Develop and maintain communication media and methods that effectively deliver Future Oysters CRC-P findings in a manner that is most effective for industry

4. Ensure attendance of CRC-P members at annual oyster industry conferences in each state to most effectively present findings and meet with and seek feedback from growers.

5. Engagement of honours students with CRC-P research and development of their capacity to work effectively with industry