Seafood CRC: Industry strategies to support intergovernmental negotiations concerning the export of Australian Rocklobster and Abalone to China

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Kreab Gavin Anderson

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Sam Guthrie

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Increasing direct trading arrangements would reduce the risks of financial loss and disruptions to trade and would also facilitate transparency along the value chain, provide opportunities for product promotion and enable industry to understand the purchase decisions of end users. However, within the industry there is some uncertainty and concern about how to achieve a transition to direct trade. To facilitate this transition additional research is required on: • The protocols, forms, customs clearance processes and costs for direct import into various cities within China. • The legal and regulatory requirements, appropriate business structures and import quotas required for direct trade. • Identification of the risks and benefits of direct trade for individual companies. • Assessment of the short and long term impacts on existing Chinese importers and how they and their businesses will be affected by an increase in direct trade. Facilitating the development of new relationships with importers willing to direct import into traditional markets and other regions within China. Several Southern and Western Rock Lobster exporters have indicated a commitment to supporting pilot studies of direct trading activities.


1. Produce a manual that provides key messages and a guide to constructive engagement between government and industry officials involved in Australia/China seafood trade negotiations.

2. Develop a series of options or recommendations on how the ACA, SRL and WRL could establish a program to provide ongoing intelligence and awareness of developments in China trade policy and input to Australian government negotiations with China