Identifying and synthesizing key messages from projects funded by the FRDC Indigenous Reference Group

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Land to Sea Consulting

Principal Investigator:

Leila Alkassab

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The IRG has raised a need to synthesise the key messages from previous projects that they have supported. In order to ensure that the data and information from these projects are accessible and easily understood for various audiences (includes Indigenous, commercial and recreational stakeholders, researchers, policy makers and the general public), the IRG has identified a need to create succinct materials that can be useful to those that seek to develop policy and stimulate community driven engagement.


1. To gain an understanding of the materials and formats that policy-makers and key fisheries organizations need in their utilization of research to develop policy.

2. To improve general stakeholder awareness of the key research findings in of FRDC and IRG projects.

3. To provide Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities with material that they can use in their engagement with government and non-government agencies.

4. To develop a succinct fact-sheets and a report that integrate the key messages of eight previous IRG projects in a user-friendly and culturally appropriate way.