Mitigating interactions with dolphins in purse-seine fisheries: evaluation of acoustic detection and deterrent devices: Stage 1. Literature review and analysis of fishery data

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University of Adelaide

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Timothy M. Ward

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To meet community expectations, address legislative obligations and fulfil specifications of the Wildlife CoP, the SASF needs to take all reasonable steps to prevent interactions with dolphins. A comprehensive review of methods used to mitigate interactions with dolphins in purse-seine fisheries worldwide needs to be conducted to ensure that future strategies developed for the SASF are consistent with world's best practice. The review is critical because demonstrating that strategies for mitigating interactions with dolpins are consistent with world's best practice is a specific requirement of the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999. A structured data collection program needs to be established to obtain robust scientific information from industry trials of acoustic deterrants coducted in 2020. This analysis is needed to identify devices that may work and could tests in experimental trails.


1. Undertake a comprehensive literature review of methods used to monitor and mitigate interactions between small pelagic fisheries and dolphins

2. Undertake fishery-based trials to identify acoustic devices and deployment strategies that mitigateinteractions with dolphins