Competitive Round Call for Expressions of Interest


The April 2019 Call is now closed.


Closing date for applications 17 June 2019


Call for Applications

The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation (FRDC) is calling for Expressions of Interest (EOI) that address research, development & extension (RD&E) priorities nominated by the FRDC’s Advisory Groups: Research Advisory Committees (RACs), Industry Partnership Agreements (IPAs) and FRDC Subprograms.

Nominated RD&E Priorities for Investment - The nominated RD&E priorities for investment are outlined here.

EOIs that address multiple priorities are encouraged.

Applicants may also submit an EOI that does not address a nominated priority; however, it should be noted that preference may be given to applications that address nominated priorities. If you do wish to submit an application that does not address one of these priorities, it is recommended that you first discuss your research concept with the relevant FRDC Advisory Group contact. In addition, FRDC strongly recommends that all applicants consult with the relevant stakeholder groups and expected end users to ensure that research concepts has the support of beneficiaries. Support can be demonstrated through formal letters of support, in-kind contributions and project cash contributions.

Minimum EOI Requirements

All EOIs MUST be completed via FishNet. Refer to the FRDC website for more information on the FRDC’s process for Applying for Funding.

Once you have completed your EOI you must finalise it on FishNet so that FRDC receives notification that the application is submitted. Failure to do so may mean that your application is not submitted and therefore not considered for funding.

If you have any questions or issues with FishNet, please contact the FRDC by phone (02) 6285 0400 or email

Applications must be finalised by the 17th June 2019. Applications not submitted by this date may not be accepted unless prior approval for a later submission date is provided by the FRDC.

Each EOI must clearly outline how it will meet the relevant identified Need(s). Provide a succinct description of the proposed Method to achieve the stated Objectives, and deliver the expected Outputs and Outcomes. This should include a quantification of the impact of the research if the outputs were adopted such as a change in fisheries management, an improvement in the species population, increased profitability or efficiency of the commercial sector or improvements in recreational fishing experiences. Applicants also need to define project Extension activities that will be used to disseminate expected project findings. A realistic Budget that reflects the activity to be undertaken is to be provided along with Justification for the budget request. Where appropriate, applicants should demonstrate collaboration with other relevant research providers and end users and consider past and current research to avoid duplication and build on previous outputs.

After the 17th June 2019, the FRDC will forward each EOI to the relevant FRDC Advisory Group(s) (e.g. RAC/IPA/Subprogram) for assessment. Following their meetings in July/August 2019, each FRDC Advisory Group will provide advice that will be communicated to applicants on whether their application has been supported or not supported in the round. An application that is not supported by an FRDC Advisory Group(s) is unlikely to be successful in obtaining funding.

The FRDC will assess all applications received in July/August, taking into consideration the level of FRDC Advisory Group(s) support and provide advice to applicants on the result of their application post-evaluation.

Under the FRDC’s flexible approach to investment this is one of three potential Calls for Applications in 2019; with subsequent calls for applications to be made in August and November if additional research priorities are nominated. If the RACs, IPAs and Subprograms do not have any priorities they wish to address, a call for applications may not occur.


Nominated RD&E Priorities for Investment - for more details on each priority download the April 2019 Competitive Round Call for Expressions of Interest Letter

(Relevant Funding Partner(s) are shown beside each RD&E priority title)

Priority Titles

Funding Partners

Pathways to reform in inshore fisheries


Investigate changes in acceptance of wild caught Barramundi in the foodservice and hospitality market sectors


Digital literacy for commercial fishers


Fishing behaviour change for recreational fishers


Population dynamics for improved assessment and management of Queensland Mud Crabs


Best Management Practise program for commercial and recreational fisheries


Population biology of Black Jewfish Protonibea diacanthus in Queensland


Cost-effective, non-destructive solutions to developing a pre-recruitment index for Snapper


The latent opportunities in Victorian inshore professional wild-capture fisheries


Fish stocking – decision tools for native fish outside their range


Recreational lobster tagging program – assessing current data and modelling assumptions / approaches to establish a robust estimate


Corner Inlet Rock Flathead stock structure: At what spatial scale should this stock be managed?


People Development


Benchmarking Western Australia’s southern commercial fisheries


Market development opportunities for Western Australia’s southern seafood producers


Impact of harvesting key species of Scleractinian (hard) corals in the Northern Territory


Improving sustainable yield estimates and informing stock assessment programs for undefined target species and protected species in the Offshore Net and Line Fishery


Marking of offshore fishing gear for navigational purposes


A tool to determine the presence of ciguatera in NSW caught Spanish Mackerel


Adding value to inshore fisheries through diversification of markets