FRDC’s Program Areas

The FRDC sets its strategic directions by facilitating and consolidating the views and priorities of all its key stakeholders. Chief among them are government investors and the Corporation’s industry representative organisations: the Commonwealth Fisheries Association, the National Aquaculture Council, National Seafood Industry Alliance and Recfish Australia.

The FRDC’s programs incorporate responses to a wide range of Australian Government priorities, including the National Research Priorities and the Priorities for Rural R&D relevant to the FRDC; and to significant national plans and policies including those of the fi shing and aquaculture industry.


The FRDC has five programs:

Program 1: Environment

This program relates to RD&E that supports natural resource sustainability in managing fishing and aquaculture activities in Commonwealth, state and territory waters. Many components of FRDC-funded RD&E focus on improving the sustainable use of Australia’s aquatic resources.

Program 2: Industry

This program relates to RD&E that assists the production and value of seafood. It could be in the form of business profitability, international competitiveness, opportunities for productivity increases, resource access, and experience or wellbeing benefits. This program aims to help all sectors improve their overall performance.

Program 3: Communities

This program relates to RD&E that maintains the long-term sustainability of the commercial sector by understanding the interactions and co-dependence between fishing and aquaculture, and the wider community. It is enhanced by knowledge about the social importance of fisheries. 

Program 4: People

This program relates to RD&E that is needed to attract and advance people who will lead fishing and aquaculture towards a sustainable and profitable future. The FRDC has taken a strong role in this area, from employing and developing young researchers, through to facilitating access to leadership development for all sectors of fishing and aquaculture.

Program 5: Adoption

This program relates to how project outputs are delivered so they can be easily adopted and support stakeholder decision making and practices. The FRDC continually works with researchers and end users to determine and implement the best way of extending these results. In addition, the FRDC is continuing to develop its systems to ensure its ‘knowledge bank’ is widely accessible.