FRDC's RD&E Plan 2015-20

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The FRDC's vision is for Australia to have vibrant fishing and aquaculture sectors which adopt world-class research to achieve sustainability and prosperity.  

By 2020 …

  • fishing and aquaculture will continue to have improved performance in environmental sustainability
  • fishing and aquaculture will be more resilient to social, environmental and economic change
  • fishing and aquaculture businesses will be more productive and profitable
  • recreational fishers will have improved opportunities for better fishing experiences and will play a greater role in the stewardship of fisheries resources
  • more Indigenous people will derive benefit from fishing and aquaculture activities and will play a greater role in the stewardship of fisheries resources
  • information about the science and management of the sustainability of fishing and aquaculture will be more accessible to the consumer and meet consumer's needs.



  1. Overview
  2. Planned outcomes and role   

    Revenue base
    FRDC's stakeholders
    Sector profiles

  3. Operating environment

    Drivers and opportunities for 2015–20

  4. A new strategic focus

    National research priorities
    National RD&E infrastructure
    Jurisdictional and industry sector research priorities

  5. Implementing this RD&E Plan

    FRDC's RD&E program areas
    A balanced research portfolio
    Extension and adoption of research
    Applying for funding

  6. National collaboration   

    Australian Government R&D priorities
    National Fishing and Aquaculture RD&E Strategy

  7. Evaluation and planned budget


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