National RD&E Strategy for Fishing and Aquaculture



National Primary Industries Research, Development and Extension Framework

The Australian, State and Northern Territory Governments, rural R&D corporations, CSIRO, and universities jointly developed the National Primary Industries Research, Development and Extension Framework to encourage greater collaboration and promote continuous improvement in the investment of RD&E resources nationally. The Agricultural Senior Officials Committee (AGSOC) has oversight for the National Framework. 


Under the Framework are 14 sector strategies and eight cross-sector strategies. Implementation of these strategies is overseen by AGSOC’s Research and Innovation Committee. Working Together: the National Fishing and Aquaculture RD&E Strategy was endorsed by Primary Industries Ministers on 23 April 2010 (see Implementation of the Fishing and Aquaculture RD&E Strategy has been led by the Strategy Governance Committee, and supported through a Research Providers’ Network.


Development of National Fishing and Aquaculture RD&E Strategy 2015-20

The establishment of the National Fishing and Aquaculture Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) Strategy in 2010 and was anticipated to run for five years. The strategy provided direction to improve the focus, efficiency and effectiveness of RD&E to support Australia’s fishing and aquaculture industry. Development of a new Strategy commenced in 2014.

Working with all stakeholders, the FRDC (as Chair and secretariat) and the Governance committee is participating in the review and revision of the RD&E Strategy. The next iteration will build on the platform established by the first Strategy and provide a nationally agreed, common vision for the industry over the next five years, guiding the investment of millions of dollars of state and national research funding.

The Governance Committee and associated Research Provider Network (RPN) remain committed to a strategy that identifies major researchers and support researchers for the various types of R&D to ensure a coordinated and collaborative approach remains in fishing and aquaculture RD&E nationally.

A major planning workshop with key stakeholders was run in July 2014 with further meetings and stakeholder consultation on the development of both the Strategy occurred over the last half of 2014.


The Governance Committee has also finalised the Strategy ‘goals’, each with a number of priority areas under them. The goals are: 

  • Australia’s fisheries and aquaculture sectors are managed, and acknowledged, to be ecologically sustainable; 
  • Security of access to, and allocation of fishing and aquaculture resources is improved;
  • Benefits and value from fisheries and aquaculture resources are maximised;
  • Governance and regulatory systems are streamlined;
  • Health of habitats and environments upon which fisheries and aquaculture rely are maintained;
  • Management of aquatic animal health is improved.  

The Fishing and Aquaculture RD&E Strategy 2016 was presented to the Research and Innovation Committee in August 2015. 


National Fishing and RD&E strategy governance committee members




Ian Curnow (AFMF North)

Australian Fisheries Managers Forum

Heather Brayford (AFMF South West)

Allison Webb (AFMF South East)


Nick Rayns

Research Provider Network

David Smith (CSIRO)

Department of Agriculture

Gordon Neil

National Aquaculture Council

Pheroze Jungalwalla

National Seafood Industry Alliance

Grahame Turk

Commonwealth Fisheries Association

Renee Vajtauer

Recfish Australia

Russell Conway

Indigenous Reference Group

Chris Calogeras + 1 other representative from the IRG

Executive Officer

Josh Fielding (FRDC)


Patrick Hone



More information is available from the Department of Agriculture or the National Primary Industries R, D & E Framework websites: