Disseminating existing bycatch reduction and fuel efficiency technologies throughout Australia's prawn fisheries

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IC Independent Consulting Pty Ltd

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Steve J. Kennelly

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Adoption, Environment, Industry


1. Review ACPF’s risk/gap matrix and undertake a preliminary analysis of the types of technologies that would be beneficial for discussion/testing in each fishery

2. Identify the best locations and times for individual port visits in WA, Qld, NT, SA, VIC and NSW

3. Do the port visits at which: (i) the latest information on bycatch reduction and fuel efficiency technologies will be presented; and (ii) particular issue(s) identified for each fishery will be discussed and various technological solutions will be outlined and considered

4. During and after these workshops, document a process for trials of appropriate technologies that arise

5. Identify any other gaps (technological, administrative, etc) that may arise during the workshops

6. Provide a final report which describes the outcomes from each workshop and consequent actions for trials in each fishery