Essentially, there are two mechanisms by which the FRDC can obtain applications to fund R&D; through a competitive call or through commissioned research (which can also include select and direct tender processes).

All applications for funding from the FRDC are to be submitted through Fishnet, the FRDC’s funding portal.  

Step 1:  Register for FishNet

Step 2:  Open FishNet and select the start new application button and continue completing the application using the help text in FishNet if needed.

Step 3:  Once the application has been finalised, an electronic copy is automatically sent back to the applicant and to the FRDC.

Step 4:  The FRDC will evaluate the application which include external reviews.

Step 5:  Based on FRDC’s evaluation and advice from external reviewers, the FRDC will then make a recommendation to the MD or Board regarding the application.

Step 6:  Advice/feedback will be sent back to the applicant regarding the status of the application decision.

Step 7:  Any actions required from the letter provided will need to be addressed by correspondence to the FRDC.

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