Two key documents direct and outline the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation’s strategy, operations and investment. These are the FRDC Research and Development Plan 2020-25 (R&D Plan) and the Annual Operating Plan (AOP). Both documents aim to help deliver the Fish Forever 2030 Strategy (currently in draft, and will form foundations for the Australian Government's National Fishing Plan).

The R&D Plan commenced on 1 July 2020 and you can visit this page or preview the PDF version for more information.


New R&D Plan - New Focus

The R&D Plan (along with COVID-19) brings with it some changes which will impact on the way engagement, planning and investment will be undertaken.

The FRDC will continue to invest in projects and activities to delivering outputs and impact to achieve the R&D outcomes of the Plan. However, how that investment is made (procurement/selection and contracting) will be determined by the type of activity. It will focus on ensuring the highest level of probity while providing agility in responding to the ever-changing environment faced by fishing and aquaculture in Australia.

In the short term the FRDC will continue to use its FishNet application system for project applications. In the longer term the FRDC will expand the application system to better suit the activity or need.