Published: 8 March 2024 Updated: 28 March 2024
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International collaboration and partnerships

At FRDC we recognise the importance of international collaboration and partnerships to achieve a globally sustainable future for fishing and aquaculture. That's why we value our international connections, with whom we actively engage in knowledge exchange, share best practices and promote responsible practices across borders, to drive positive change.

Explore the links below to learn more about the impactful organisations FRDC engages with and their initiatives.


International Coalition of Fisheries Associations

The International Coalition of Fisheries Associations (ICFA) is a collective formed in 1988, comprising national fish and seafood industry associations from major fishing nations worldwide.

With a focus on providing decision-makers with a unified voice on global fisheries issues, ICFA plays a significant role in shaping policy and advocating for sustainable fishing practices.

The coalition, consisting of 24 seafood industry associations from various continents, actively participates in international forums such as the Convention on Biological Diversity and the Committee on Fisheries.

Led by Chair Paul Lansbergen, ICFA maintains Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation and regularly engages in policy discussions in Rome.

ICFA's website,, is dedicated to increasing public access to their resources and voice, showcasing their commitment to transparency and stakeholder engagement in addressing key challenges related to marine resources and global food security. Explore their platform and watch their introductory video.



Seafood New Zealand

Seafood New Zealand serves as the leading platform for information and advocacy in the New Zealand seafood industry. Visitors can access valuable resources, stay updated on industry news and developments, and engage with key stakeholders

Explore their website at to learn more about the New Zealand seafood sector and its contributions to sustainable fisheries and aquaculture practices.


National Fisheries Institute

The National Fisheries Institute (NFI) is a prominent voice for the seafood industry in the United States, representing companies involved in seafood harvesting, processing, and distribution. Their website offers comprehensive resources, industry news, and educational materials to promote the benefits of seafood consumption and advocate for sustainable practices within the industry.

Visit their website at to access the latest information and valuable resources.


UK Seafish

UK Seafish is committed to supporting the UK seafood industry by promoting sustainability, driving innovation and ensuring high standards across the supply chain.

Offering valuable resources, industry insights and expert guidance, their websites at are essential for businesses seeking to enhance sustainability practices and drive success in the seafood sector.


Fisheries Council of Canada

The Fisheries Council of Canada is a leading organisation dedicated to representing and advocating for Canada's seafood sector. Their website offers comprehensive information, industry insights, and policy updates relevant to the Canadian fishing industry.

Dive into their website at for latest news, useful resources and to stay informed about the latest updates and initiatives driving innovation and sustainability in Canada's fisheries sector.


University of Washington Science of Sustainable Seafood

University of Washington Science of Sustainable Seafood is dedicated to research and education to promote sustainable fishing practices worldwide.

Explore their website at for valuable insights, resources and initiatives to support responsible fisheries management and conservation efforts.

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