Published: 20 June 2021 Updated: 26 July 2021

During the life of some projects, unforeseen changes or issues may arise that require a variation. It is important to keep the FRDC across changes to project contacts, budget or milestones. Requests should be made prior to the relevant milestone due date.

All variations should be sent to, with the project number as the ‘subject’.

Project milestones

Changes to a milestone due date, milestone detail, or milestone financial amount can be either submitted as part of the Milestone Report (using the FRDC Milestone Template) or directly to FRDC via email. When requesting a variation, the Principal Investigator (PI) must provide sufficient details and justification for FRDC's consideration.

Project contacts

Any changes to the project contacts during the life of the project need to be confirmed in writing. Required details of new contacts include:

  • Name
  • Title
  • Position
  • Company/Organisation
  • Address
  • Phone/fax
  • Email address

Intellectual Property (IP)

While IP classification is determined at the start of a project, it can change during the course of a project. If the PI or research organisation believes a project classification should be changed, they need to contact the FRDC to discuss.