Published: 30 August 2021 Updated: 27 March 2024
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The FRDC holds a stakeholder workshops each year to gain an insight into the key issues. The issues identified along with stakeholder feedback forms part of the priority setting for the FRDC funding rounds.

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2016 workshop

The FRDC held its annual stakeholder planning workshop in Adelaide on 26 and 27 October 2016. A major aim of the workshop as well as to discuss priorities was to determine better ways for the FRDC to drive co-investment across various partner groups. Under the 2015-20 RD&E Plan the FRDC has allocated funding to help encourage co-investment and deliver on relevant research areas across multiple stakeholders.

The workshop was well attended and as always gave a great opportunity for those from fishing and aquaculture across the nation to come together and ‘talk shop’.

A key area that was presented at the workshop is that of people development. The FRDC has recently commissioned a study to assess current needs for people development (see below). Results from this were presented at the workshop and it is clear that there are still common needs in people development across all sectors not just relating to leadership training but there was also a strong emphasis on succession planning. The presentations from the day are available for download from below.