Indexed lists of departmental and agency files

In addition each department and agency is required, as part of Standing orders of the Senate to provide, access to an indexed list of the titles of all relevant files, including new parts of existing files, created from 1 January 1998 in the central office of that department or agency (departments and agencies may choose to maintain online an indexed list of all new files created from that date or to maintain online an indexed list of, as a minimum, the most recent year’s file creations).

Procedural orders and resolutions of the Senate of continuing effect can be seen at Orders for documents:






Senate Order on Entity Contracts — listing for the period 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021

The Senate Order on Entity Contracts requires the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation to list contracts with an estimated value of $100,000 or more and which were:

  1. not fully performed as at 31 December 2021; or
  2. entered into during the 12 months prior to 31 December 2021.

FRDC contracts research, development and extension services through the Research Project Agreements, Co‐operative Agreements or Supplier Agreements which contain general commercial confidentiality provisions and may also provide for outputs to be confidential such as intellectual property.