Published: 20 June 2021 Updated: 22 February 2024
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What is extension and adoption?

FRDC is committed to improving adoption and impact of its investments to meet stakeholders needs and requires extension planning and delivery in all its investments.

Extension is about making sure that the people (and associated behavioural and social sciences) are part of R and D to ensure that it is relevant and achieves adoption and impact.

Extension is about working with people in a community to facilitate change in an environment that has social, economic and technical complexity. This is achieved by helping people gain the knowledge and confidence so they want to change and providing support to ensure it is implemented effectively.
- Australasian Pacific Extension Network

Extension is based on behavioural science theory and practice. Here is some information about extension:

Extension is specific to particular audiences and challenges. Extension methods range from face-to-face interactions to mass audience communication. The correct extension methods chosen depend on the particular audience, social and economic dynamics, and the actual challenge or topic. Often, a combination of extension methods has the most impact.

It is an FRDC requirement that an Extension and Adoption Plan is developed and submitted for every project.

Help is available to understand how to apply extension theory and methods to your particular idea or problem and to complete the Extension and Adoption Plan.

If you are a researcher or fisher, please feel free to contact FRDC Extension Officers.



Project Media Releases

We want our stakeholders to know about the research we're funding and that our researchers are delivering, so that they can adopt and apply the new knowledge. 

For projects where a media release is a required milestone, we have developed a how to guide for writing media releases.

When submitting a draft Media Release, please send to with the Project number as the subject of your email.