Published: 9 August 2021 Updated: 29 October 2023
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FRDC shares the vision expressed by Reconciliation Australia: “A united Australia which respects this land of ours, values the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island heritage and provides justice and equity for all.”

FRDC’s shared vision for fishing and aquaculture is Fish Forever 2030: Collaborative, vibrant fishing and aquaculture, creating diverse benefits from aquatic resources, and celebrated by the community.

This vision recognises that “diverse benefits” encompasses the many social and environmental values related to the Indigenous, commercial, and recreational sectors.

FRDC is committed to:

  • Acknowledging the special relationship that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have with their traditional lands and waters.
  • Valuing the experiences, knowledge, perspectives and cultures of Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples, including in a formal sense within projects where appropriate, and protect these as we would any other intellectual property elements.
  • Demonstrating informed respect for Indigenous Australians and working with our partners to achieve the same in developing research, development and extension projects and realising their outcomes.
  • Incorporating Indigenous knowledge where relevant into research projects and delivery of outcomes. Enabling R&D on fishing and aquaculture for and by Indigenous Australians.

FRDC seeks to invest in R&D to help achieve aspirations of Indigenous Peoples. The FRDC Indigenous Reference Group is an expertise-based committee of Indigenous people, with members from various areas of expertise and knowledge from across Australian fishing and aquaculture.

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