Published: 29 October 2023 Updated: 14 November 2023

This Trade and Market Access resource area offers comprehensive guidance on navigating trade dynamics and market access in the Australian fisheries and aquaculture sector. Here, you can explore a wealth of information:

  • ABARES Annual Australian Fisheries and Aquaculture Statistics Reports
    Dive into the most recent statistics, data, and insights within ABARES' annual reports, providing a comprehensive perspective on industry trends and developments, ensuring you're well-informed.
  • Australian Seafood Trade and Market Access
    Stay up-to-date on Australian seafood trade and market access. This section offers valuable insights into the dynamics of the seafood market, ensuring you are well-informed about trade opportunities and market access conditions.
  • Seafood Production and Trade Databases
    Access these databases to acquire in-depth knowledge about the industry, providing a wealth of data and resources to make informed decisions and explore the intricacies of seafood production and trade.