Published: 19 October 2023 Updated: 20 October 2023

In today's dynamic environment, the demand for enhanced workforce capability and capacity in the fishing and aquaculture sectors is more evident than ever. With limited access and clear career pathways for those currently engaged or aspiring to join the fishing and aquaculture industries, addressing this challenge is essential. Furthermore, the integration of technology is set to transform 41% of jobs in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries over the next decade, emphasising the importance of digital and data literacy.

Success in these industries hinges on leadership, problem-solving, innovation, and adaptability. FRDC recognises the significance of these imperatives and has established the Capability and Capacity plan, overseen by the C&C Steering Committee (C&C SC), to guide transformative efforts.

For a more in-depth look at our initiatives driving the future of this workforce and fostering diversity, inclusion, and innovation, explore our dedicated Capability, Capacity, and Culture Change page.