Recfishing Research is a national Coordination Program established by the FRDC to guide investment in national Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) that addresses the key priorities of the recreational fishing community. Importantly, this program plays an important role in communicating research results to the recreational fishing community.

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Program management

The Recfishing Research Coordination Program is managed by an expertise-based steering and scientific committee appointed by FRDC. The committee comprises individuals from the recreational fishing community around Australia who offer expertise in social and biological sciences, economics, advocacy, fisheries management, and RD&E project management.

In addition to its leadership and strategic roles, the committee actively oversees progress of projects under its direct management, and provides technical advice to the FRDC on issues and projects beyond those under its management.

FRDC Management Contacts

Chris Izzo – FRDC Portfolio Manager (M: 0419 852 723; E:

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