Australian Fish Names Standard AS 5300-2019

The Australian Fish names Standard is funded by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and can be purchased through SAI Global here.

  • prescribes a standard fish name for each species of fish produced or trade in Australia
  • includes over 4,000 Australian and imported species
  • was approved by Standards Australia as an official Australian Standard in 2007
  • was developed by the Australian Fish Names Committee.

Our online Searchable Fish Names Database includes all species listed in the Standard.

Australian Standard for Aquatic Plant Names AS 5301-2020

Use of the standard names for aquatic plants in Australia, as defined in this Standard, achieves outcomes that are consistent with the aims of industry and governments.

  • Public health and safety
  • Social and community impact
  • Environmental impact
  • Competition
  • Economic impact


Fish Names Committee

The Australian Fish Names Committee is established under FRDC, an accredited Standards Development Organisation. The committee assigns standard fish names in accordance with transparent. and rigorous FRDC standards development policies and procedures.

The Aquatic Plants Standards Reference Body (SRB)

The SRB is established under FRDC, an accredited Standards Development Organisation and has been tasked with the initial development of an Australian Standard for Aquatic Plant Names.

Public Consultation

The Fish names standard is reviewed and updated at regular intervals. During a review, public comment is sought for all proposed changes. These will be posted on this site.

Public consultation is also a key part of the standards development process and was an integral step in the development of AS 5301 2020 The Australian Standard for Aquatic Plant Names.

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