About the Standards

FRDC is accredited by the Standards Development and Accreditation Committee (SDAC) to develop Australian Standards for the seafood industry. The SDAC accreditation process and annual audit ensures that:

  • FRDC has the competency to develop Australian Standards; and
  • FRDC uses procedures that give equivalent transparency and openness to Standards Australia's procedures, particularly to the manner in which committees are formed, ensuring balanced representation on committees, and how comments are disposed of and decisions reached; and
  • FRDC is able and willing to interact with Standards Australia, necessary in the process leading to the publication of Australian Standards; and
  • FRDC has an agreed business arrangement regarding rights, sales and distribution of Australian Standards developed and published under this arrangement.

Australian Fish Names Standard AS 5300-2019

The Australian Fish Names Standard AS 5300:

  • prescribes a standard fish name for each species of fish produced or trade in Australia
  • includes over 4,000 Australian and imported species
  • was approved by Standards Australia as an official Australian Standard in 2007
  • was developed by the Australian Fish Names Committee
  • Our online Searchable Fish Names Database on the top of this page includes all species listed in the Standard.

Australian Standard for Aquatic Plant Names AS 5301-2020

Use of the standard names for aquatic plants in Australia, as defined in this Standard, achieves outcomes that are consistent with the aims of industry and governments.

  • Public health and safety
  • Social and community impact
  • Environmental impact
  • Competition
  • Economic impact

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