Published: 9 August 2021 Updated: 27 April 2023

The FRDC is accountable under the Primary Industries Research and Development Act (PIRD Act 1989) to representative bodies nominated by the responsible Minister.

The FRDC has three representative organisations appointed under the legislation:

  • Australian Recreational and Sport Fishing Industry Confederation Inc. (trading as Recfish Australia)
  • Commonwealth Fisheries Association Inc. (CFA)
  • Seafood Industry Australia (SIA)

The FRDC also involves the Indigenous Reference Group and the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation in all representational organisation activities.

Representative organisation meetings

The FRDC is required under the PIRD Act to consult with and report to the Government and the statutory appointed Representative Organisations. The FRDC reports to stakeholders on R&D investment activities and issues through a variety of formal and informal approaches – including the Annual Report, Stakeholder Briefings and face to face meetings.


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