Published: 20 June 2021 Updated: 26 July 2021


Upon receiving a research application, the FRDC will forward it to the relevant reviewer. This may be an external peer review by an expert or review by one of our Advisory Group members. Following this assessment, applicants will be advised if their application has been supported or not supported in that round. An application that is not supported by a reviewer is unlikely to obtain funding.

At this point, the applicant may receive advice that the FRDC requires more information before a decision can be made. When this happens, the application is ‘unfinalised’ in FishNET to allow changes to be made.


Managing Director or Board sign off

We assess all applications received, taking into consideration the level of reviewer support. We then develop a project decision recommendation that is signed off by the Managing Director (or the FRDC Board where projects may be considered high-risk).


Decision Notification Letter

Following sign-off of the project decision recommendation, the Principal Investigator (PI) will be sent a Decision Notification Letter (DNL) advising them of the outcome of their application.

Each project is different and in some cases to address conditions stipulated by FRDC, applications may need to be ‘reactivated’ on FishNET so that necessary changes can be made.

The PI must respond to the DNL within the timeframe specified in the letter, outlining how they will address the conditions. Once we are satisfied the conditions have been met, a Project Agreement can be drawn up.