FRDC's R&D Plan 2020-2025 presents a change in approach, seeking to build on efforts from across Australia’s fishing and aquaculture system to achieve a shared vision of what fishing and aquaculture might look like in Australia by 2030.

Developed with input from across the fishing and aquaculture sector, this shared vision is summarised within a draft document titled Fish Forever 2030, which includes 17 challenges that must be overcome to enable the vision to become a reality.

The draft Fish Forever 2030 document is the first attempt at a national challenge-led process to create a desired future for fishing and aquaculture, and though still a work in progress, sets an important direction for all stakeholders. The new FRDC R&D Plan 2020-2025 has been framed to contribute to these challenges, with a focus on delivering outcomes in five key areas, supported by five enabling strategies to help make progress towards those outcomes faster and easier.

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Additional context explaining the focus of the R&D Plan 2020-2025 is provided within companion document, Shaping FRDC’s 2020-25 R&D Plan. The companion document targets readers seeking additional information on methods used to derive the R&D Plan, and dynamics that have informed its development.

Developing the FRDC’s R&D Plan 2020-2025

The journey of consultation, deep systems thinking, research and scenario planning that informed the FRDC’s R&D Plan 2020-2025 is summarised here.

Operationalising the R&D plan

Each year, FRDC’s investment is guided by an Annual Operational Plans (AOP), which seeks to give effect to the current R&D plan, detailing income, expenditure, and planned investments for the coming year.

Bridging the FRDC’s R&D plan and AOPs are five roadmaps that have been developed through broad stakeholder consultation. These roadmaps seek to facilitate a systemic overview of investment. Each roadmap focuses on one of the R&D plan’s five outcomes, setting out the challenges and opportunities that will be addressed, the order they will be undertaken, and how each will enable R&D plan outcomes to be achieved.

This planning approach is designed to emphasise intentional strategy setting based on strong program logic, while allowing for adaptability and creativity in problem solving in anticipation of the increasing uncertainty and volatility faced by Australia’s fishing and aquaculture sector. These roadmaps are intended as living documents to inform investments made under this plan and future AOPs.

Figure 1. FRDC’s planning process explained
Figure 1. FRDC’s planning process explained