Project number: 1981-056
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $0.00
Organisation: CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere Cleveland
Project start/end date: 28 Dec 1985 - 31 Dec 1985


1. Analyse catch databases, ascertain suitability with high-resolution ocean temp & position fixing techniques.
2. Determine relationships between satellite derived data & actual catch.
3. Does avail of real-time data significantly improve catch for same effort or same catch with less effort?

Final report

ISBN: 23643-7-85
Author: D.G. Myers and P.T. Hick
Final Report • 1985-12-31 • 2.04 MB


This is the final report for FIRTA project 1981-056. The principal objective has been to study the application of real-time satellite-derived sea surface temperature measurements in assisting particular fisheries located in southern waters of Australia. Initially proposed for a three year period from 1981 to 1984, the project was granted an extension into a fourth year. It has been jointly conducted by the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of the Western Australian Institute of Technology, and the Remote Sensing Section of the CSIRO Division of Groundwater Research.

This project was the first use of satellite near real-time imagery in the Australian fishing industry, and only became possible with the construction of a NOAA receiving station at WAIT. Overseas experience suggested satellite imagery could be of benefit to Australia, and in broad terms, the project set out to prove this. Three major steps were required in reaching that objective. First, to gather and process satellite data. Second, to obtain catch and related data from the fishermen concerned. Third, and most importantly, to compare the two and identify the correlations which would form the mechanisms for any long term operational service to the fishing industry.

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