Project number: 1991-091
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $40,000.00
Principal Investigator: Richard Lewis
Organisation: Department of Agriculture and Fisheries EcoScience Precinct
Project start/end date: 28 Jun 1992 - 30 Jun 1994


1. Hold international workshop specifically on ciguatera management issues. Attract key workers to present topics.

Final report

Author: Richard Lewis
Final Report • 2017-09-29 • 3.15 MB


An International Workshop on Ciguatera Management was held at QDPI's Joondoburri Conference Centre on Bribie Island, 13-16 April 1993. This meeting provided the first opportunity for discussion of issues related to ciguatera at an international forum in Australia. Fifty-six registrants participated in the scientific programme which included 41 contributions (either oral or poster presentations) from local and overseas researchers. The latest research on ciguatera was discussed, especially research with implications for the management of ciguatera.

The Workshop covered a broad range of topics through presentations from invited speakers and included two workshop sessions that addressed the clinical management of ciguatera and the detection of ciguateric fish. The Workshop reinforced the need for further research on (i) the detection of ciguateric fish and (ii) the environmental factors contributing to outbreaks of ciguatera.

Project products

Proceedings • 1994-08-01 • 10.30 MB
1991-091 Memoirs of the Queensland Museum.pdf


This issue of the Memoirs of the Queensland Museum is devoted to the International Workshop on Ciguatera Management that was held on Bribie Island near Brisbane on 12-16 April, 1993. The Workshop was sponsored by the Australian Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and the Queensland Department of Primary Industries (QDPI). Scientists, medical practitioners and fisheries managers with an interest in ciguatera attended the Workshop which focused on current research having implications for the management of ciguatera.

Fifty six registrants from Japan, USA, France, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, Germany and each of the eastern sea-board states of Australia attended. The Workshop comprised talks, posters and two discussion sessions which specifically addressed (i) the detection of ciguateric fishes and (ii) the management of ciguatera cases. P. Scheuer opened the scientific program with an historical perspec­tive of modem ciguatera research initiated by the late A.H. (Hank) Banner and outlined some of the challenges for the future.

Major themes of the Workshop were: 1. Chemical and immunological aspects of the detection of toxins involved in ciguatera. 2. Pharmacology and treatment of ciguatera. 3. Origin of the toxins involved in ciguatera. 4. Clinical aspects and epidemiology of ciguatera.

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