Project number: 1993-131
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $16,425.42
Principal Investigator: Dick B. Callinan
Organisation: NSW Department of Primary Industries
Project start/end date: 26 Jul 1993 - 16 Sep 1997


1. The workshop will provide training in general pathology of molluscs and crustacea. It will also focus on characterisation of major disease in these animals.
2. It is envisaged that this training will provide a sound sufficient basis for further development of expertise in Australian workers within the local setting

Final report

Author: R.B. Callinan
Final Report • 2017-09-29 • 975.49 KB


A 5-day, intensive Shellfish Diseases Workshop was held at NSW Fisheries' Brackish Water Fish Culture Research Station, Salamander Bay, from 6-10 December 1993.
The workshop was organized by Sub-Committee on Fish Health, a sub-committee of Animal Health Committee. It was attended by laboratory diagnosticians and researchers with major service and/or research commitments in the area of shellfish diseases. Prior to the workshop, most of these workers had little, if any, formal training in invertebrate pathology.

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