Project number: 1994-045.80
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $5,445.45
Principal Investigator: Tony Kingston
Organisation: Fisheries Economics Research and Management Specialists (FERM)
Project start/end date: 8 Sep 2003 - 30 Jun 2004


1. To develop computational procedures for the validation, analysis and interpretation of ocean colour data, and to provide derived data sets as input to the analysis of selected fisheries
2. To determine in conjunction with key industry operators of the east Australian tuna fisheries the utility of SeaWIFS and satellite temperature data in improving the catch and efficiency for yellowfin and skipjack tuna, and to determine the economic benefit-cost of the use of satellite imagery in the operational fishery

Final report

Author: Tony Kingston
Final Report • 2003-09-08 • 467.93 KB


This report describes an ex-post cost/benefit analysis undertaken on FRDC project 1994-046, 'Development, Application and Evaluation of the Use of Remote Sensing Data by Australian Fisheries', implemented by CSIRO Marine Research, Hobart.

The project was developed in the context of the expected imminent launching of a new American satellite designed to monitor changes in the concentration of phytoplankton chlorophyll (a measure of biological productivity) in oceanic waters. The availability of such data was expected to substantially advance understanding of the role of the environment on the distribution of many commercial fish species, allow the incorporation of environmental data in stock assessments, and assist fishers identify productive fishing grounds.

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