Project number: 1995-055.91
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $64,507.00
Principal Investigator: Sandra Child
Organisation: Australian Institute Of Marine Science (AIMS)
Project start/end date: 30 Nov 1998 - 30 Jun 1999


Project 95/055 has been completed and there is now a need to ensure that the results are widely dissemenated to fisheries management agencies, key fisheries organisations, researchers, Commonwealth and State funding bodies and Commonwealth and State Environment Protection Agencies. In addition to ensuring that these organisations receive outputs from the project, it is equally important to attempt to get them to agree to the R&D plan and for its national adoption.


1. To extend the results of 95/055 "Review and synthesis of Australian fisheries habitat research".

Final report

Author: Dr Sandra Child
Final Report • 1999-05-01 • 121.92 KB


The publication A Review and Synthesis of Australian Fisheries Habitat Research, by Mike Cappo, resulted from a three-year review of fisheries habitat research. The report identified the stressors and responses that characterise fisheries habitats.

The FRDC requested AIMS to design a marketing strategy to optimise the results of the research and gain wide adoption and endorsement of the review.

The market target was all who have, or can have, an impact on the fisheries habitat: federal and state departments, agencies, industry organisations, Environment Australia, the National Heritage Commission, state environment agencies, research agencies, the Queensland Department of Primary Industries, PISA, CSIRO, South Australia RDI, New South Wales FRI, New South Wales Fisheries, Northern Territories Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, TAFI, Western Australia Fisheries, universities, the Australian Institute of Marine Science, Cooperative Research Councils, Queensland CFO, WAFIC, TFIC, SAFIC, NTFIC, VFIF, AFMA, QFMA, and other Research and Development Corporations.

Mike Cappo and AIMS Communications brainstormed strategies for marketing the review, and put a proposal to the FRDC which was accepted.

The marketing strategy consisted of a booklet, Research Priorities for Fisheries Ecosystems Protection, a poster, a CD-ROM, and web publication of the review, launched by the Hon. Mark Vaile, Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry on 4 November 1998 in Canberra.

Keywords: Fisheries ecosystem protection, marketing

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