Project number: 1996-130
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $492,634.62
Principal Investigator: Colin Simpfendorfer
Organisation: Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) WA
Project start/end date: 28 Jun 1996 - 29 Nov 2000


1. To determine the distribution of nursery areas for juvenile whiskery sharks.
2. To determine the stock structure of whiskery, thickskin and dusky whaler sharks in Western Australian waters.
3. To determine biological parameters for adult dusky whaler sharks and to assess methods of measuring changes in the breeding stock via recruitment to the fishery.
4. To determine growth, movement, exploitation and mortality parameters for whiskery sharks, and to refine these parameters for juvenile dusky whalers.
5. To determine the catch, size distribution and impact of all users of the commercially important shark resources in Western Australia.
6. To improve the modelling techniques used, and the accuracy of the assessments produced, for the commercially important shark resources in southern Western Australia.

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