Project number: 1996-386
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $159,386.00
Principal Investigator: Graeme Dunstan
Organisation: CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere Hobart
Project start/end date: 8 Aug 1996 - 27 Sep 2002


1. Use information on the nutritional and attractant factors present in natural food items to develop a variety of recipes for formulated feeds for very young juvenile abalone («15 mm)
2. Manufacture and evaluate the feeds for water stability and palatability for the different feed delivery mechanisms including gels, pellets, pastes, adhesion feeds (on plates) and others.
3. Produce formulated diets of high nutritional value which produce high growth rates in very young abalone (&lt
15mm), as verified by growth rate trials.
4. Provide information to the groups in the FRDC subprogram involved in the formulated feed development, so as to improve the existing formulated feed used for the "grow out" phase (15mm+)
5. Identify the nutrients incorporated into the actively growing tissues of abalone fed diatoms by assessing fatty acid metabolism and carbon and nitrogen retention in juvenile abalone using stable isotopes

Final report

ISBN: 1-876996-22-6
Author: Graeme Dunstan

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