Project number: 1997-114
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $121,250.00
Principal Investigator: Jeremy D. Prince
Organisation: Biospherics Pty Ltd
Project start/end date: 19 May 1997 - 21 Oct 1998


In its 1995-2000 research plan the Research Sub-committee of SETMAC identified as high priorities:
- understanding shifts in fishing effort and practices, and
- understanding the effect of climate on fish and fishing practices, together with
- increased colloborative work and communication with industry.

This proposal addresses these priorities and consequently the Research Sub-committee has given it the highest priority for the 1997/98 funding round.


1. Synthesise and formalise SEF industry information about factors influencing fishing power, including construct a time series documenting the introduction of new technology.
2. Synthesise and formalise industry information about trends in fishing practices, targeting, by-catch and discarding rates, and influences on fishing practices.
3. Synthesise and formalise SEF industry information about oceanographic factors influencing catches and catch rates of SEF species.
4. Generate ordinal time series for incorporation in General Linear Modelling of catch rate trends within the SEF1 database by SEFAG.
5. Generate hypotheses about trends in SEF catch rates that can be tested through targeted analysis of the SEF1 database by SEFAG.
6. Improve SEFAG stock assessments and government/industry relations in the SEF.

Final report

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