Project number: 1997-115
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $380,485.77
Principal Investigator: Robin Thomson
Organisation: CSIRO Oceans and Atmosphere Hobart
Project start/end date: 26 Jun 1997 - 30 Jul 2002


The need for special research projects and individual stock assessments is detailed by the South East Fishery Assessment Group (SEFAG) and endorsed by SETMAC. The development of stock assessments for blue grenadier, and ling are high priority. Other species with high priority for quality stock assessment include blue warehou, redfish, blue-eye trevalla, and (following SETMAC 55) tiger flathead.

Blue grenadier is a species for which new data have become (or are becoming) available and for which there is a conflict between the relatively optimistic scientific advice (based primarily on an acoustic and an egg production estimate) and the more pessimistic view of several industry representatives. The stock assessment for this species will be accorded first priority. The other two species to be assessed wil be determined based on discussions with SETMAC, its research sub-committee and AFMA.


1. Provide high quality population dynamics models and stock assessment advice for three SEF quota species for which there is immediate concern of stock status.
2. Work with industry and managers in developing population dynamics models in a manner that will improve the stock assessment in the SEF and its perception by industry.
3. Use the stock assessments to evaluate stock status against current management performance indicators and to provide advice on alternative performance indicators if necessary.
4. Evaluate the value (in terms of improved assessement) of future data collections and research studies for the assessed species.

Final report

ISBN: 1-876996-13-7
Author: Robin Thomson

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