Project number: 1997-132.80
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $11,570.00
Principal Investigator: Steve J. Kennelly
Organisation: University of Sydney (USYD)
Project start/end date: 19 Aug 2000 - 31 Jan 2001


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1. To determine intermoult period and complete the essential information needed to establish growth rates.
2. To determine the continuing effects of fishing on population structures an implications for sustainability.
3. To determine the effects on yield per recruit of moult timing and therefore the catch available to the commercial fishery.
4. To model the fishery using two methods a)an individual based model b)a spatial dynamic fishery population model patterned after the rock lobster model of SA.
5. To assess moult timing and the development of a condition index as a layman's guide for selection of premoult crabs from the wild harvest for holding in sea cages for a single moult to value add.
6. To improve genetic analysis of giant crab populations using DNA rather than protein based techniques to provide information of high resolution.
7. To continue to document the development of the fishery and its realtionship with the southern rock lobster fishery.
8. To oportunistically conduct preliminary modelling of the spiny crab (hypothallassis amata) in regard to size, sex, reproductive state and shell state, coincident with giant crab catch sampling in southern WA.
9. To oportunistically build an experiment with seafloor collectors to determine effectiveness of catching giant crab larvae.

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