Project number: 1997-336
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $8,350.00
Principal Investigator: Bob J. Lester
Organisation: University of Queensland (UQ)
Project start/end date: 25 Apr 1997 - 4 Jan 1999


The overseas speakers have agreed to come, speak at the Congress and speak to at least one other group while in Australia providing there is some assistance with their travel expenses. This is a great opportunity for members of the fishing and aquaculture industry to hear about latest developments in disease research. The proposed presence of these speakers at the Congress has already attracted other experts in marine disease to come to Australia for the Congress and these also will be meeting with special interest groups while here.


1. The objective is to bring three overseas experts to explain about current developments in marine parasitology that relate to wild and caged tuna and other fish, prawns and oysters.

Final report

Author: Bob Lester
Final Report • 1998-11-18 • 519.90 KB


A symposium on protozoan diseases of aquatic animals was planned as a feature of the 10th International Congress of Protozoology.

Speakers invited for the symposium were: Dr Mike Hine, NIWA, NZ, an expert on oyster and fish diseases, Prof. Tim Flegel, Mahidol University, Bangkok, an expert on prawn diseases, Dr El-Matbouli, University of Munich, an expert on myxosporeans of fish, and Prof. Bob Lester, University of Queensland, to talk on white spot disease in fish and to chair the symposium.

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