Project number: 2001-101
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $49,668.00
Principal Investigator: Keith Jones
Organisation: SARDI Food Safety and Innovation
Project start/end date: 7 Nov 2001 - 21 Oct 2002


There is a need to collate, synthesise and review existing literature and sources of data available on release and post-release survival rates, research methodologies and management strategies for commercial and recreational line fisheries on a national basis, and, in the case where stocks/species/fisheries occupy more extensive geographic boundaries, internationally. The reviewed information should be in a form suitable for the steering committee on this nantional program to recommend further research in this field.

There is also a need for government management agencies and fisheries management advisory committees to provide advice on priorities for information on release survival rates that will ensure sustainable fisheries under their jurisdiction.

In addition, an accurate knowledge of release and survival rates for key species caught in our line fisheries is needed for the incorporation into stock assessment models.

Information on release and survival rates has been flagged as one of the necessary performance indicators for reporting on the ecological sustainable development (ESD) of fisheries (see multiple species indicators in SCFA - FRDC Project Report, May, 2001).


1. To develop a benchmark on the current research and fisheries management information pertaining to the survival rates of released finfish taken in Australian line fisheries.
2. To determine the current gaps in this information and prioritise the addressing of these gaps.

Final report

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