Project number: 2001-302
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $90,000.00
Principal Investigator: Chris Makepeace
Organisation: Amateur Fishermen's Association of the Northern Territory (AFANT)
Project start/end date: 29 Jun 2000 - 30 Jun 2003


The demand for recreational fishing is increasing across the globe. More people are seeking to experience recreational fishing or are seeking an improved fishing experience. Greater demands are being placed on fisheries management, research and the development of this industry sector. Within the next few years, the debate on the allocation of resources, access to resources, environmental issues and a range of other concerns of the industry will only increase. With issues such as improved fishing efficiency, (eg sounders and GPS systems), it is unlikely that the simple management techniques currently used will continue to afford the same level of protection to fisheries resources over the longer term.

There is a wealth of information available from the experiences of other Countries, States and Agencies, and all countries can learn from the advances of others. A conference environment provides an opportunity to share these experiences, create networks, link research projects and share new approaches to mangement.

The 3rd World Conference on Recreational Fishing will bring together fishery scientists, managers and stakeholders to discuss current trends and issues confronting the management of recreational fisheries. The conference will advance our understanding of these key issues and provide benchmark information for future directions in recreational fisheries development, research and management.


1. Provide a forum where recreational fisheries managers, researchers, industry and other stakeholders can meet, exchange information and discuss current trends within the recreational and sport fishing industry
2. Dissemination of information through the conference proceedings
3. Form an internationally recognised recreational fisheries organisation of stakeholders
4. Initiate the establishment of an accepted worldwide code of practise for recreational fishing
5. Announce the host of the 4th World Conference on Recreational Fishing in 2005
6. Showcase Australia and the Northern Territory as world leaders in fisheries management
7. Further the knowledge and development of ESD principles as applied to recreational fishing
8. Th enhance the image of the Australian Recreational Fishing industry amongst the national and international community


ISBN: 0 7245 4702 9
Author: APM Coleman
Report • 2003-01-01 • 6.49 MB


Regional experiences for global solutions - the proceedings of the 3rd world recreational fishing conference, 21-24 May 2002 - Northern Territory, Australia

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