Project number: 2002-307
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $20,000.00
Principal Investigator: Ross McGowan
Organisation: Seafood Industry Victoria Inc (SIV)
Project start/end date: 24 Sep 2002 - 1 Jul 2004


Australian abalone currently enjoys a relatively strong position in the market through steady demand for product. This will only continue as long as the resource is sustainable. Industry will benefit through the application of leading edge or state of the art technology and world's best practices in management, research and resource protection.

The only mechanism that exists for effective interchange of ideas, or to consider leading edge technology, or to benefit from learning of the trials and tribulations other State's have experienced will be through whatever is arranged by the National Abalone Council. However, this convention will present excellent opportunities for communications with contacts from all over the globe.

There is a need for all States to be involved in a national forum and for industry Australia wide to focus on management, marketing, R & D issues, resource protection and progress national plans or strategies to focus on achieving the desired outcomes.


1. To host a successful Australian Abalone Convention
2. To maximise the transfer of information for the promotion of the most cost effective and efficient ways to deal with common issues.
3. To secure an economically viable event
4. To progress national plans dealing with common issues facing Australian abalone fisheries management.

Final report

Author: Ross McGowan
Final Report • 2004-04-27 • 5.91 MB


The 2nd National Abalone Conference was held in Melbourne, Victoria, between Wednesday 13 - Friday 15 August 2003.

It was hosted by Seafood Industry Victoria Inc.

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