Project number: 2003-064
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $79,200.00
Principal Investigator: Samara L. Miller
Organisation: Seafood Council (SA) Ltd
Project start/end date: 29 Jun 2003 - 30 Aug 2005


While most fishers and fisheries have responded well to the increased environmental requirements being expected of them this has generally not been well communicated to the public. Additionally, the response has generally been ad hoc in nature. Some fishers have responded in a certain manner while others have taken a different approach. Similarly some fisheries have responded as a whole but have had little interaction with the actions of other fisheries. There are also a number of national initiatives which have been funded on this issue. To date no South Australian industry sector has been able to consolidate all the information relevant to their industry and take a proactive, integrated approach. As a result, the opportunities for industry resulting from those initiatives which have been undertaken, have not been optimised.

In South Australia there is a need to coordinate the seafood industry’s response to the increase in community environmental concern and to integrate industry, state and national initiatives on this issue. In particular there is a need to:

- Work closely with the prawn and rock lobster industries on developing appropriate responses to international market requirements and expectations, and
- Develop integrated environmental management programs with these fisheries which can be documented, implemented and promoted and which meet all national and state environmental requirements.


1. Develop, document and implement integrated environmental management programs for the prawn and rock lobster fisheries.
2. Provide leadership to all sectors of the South Australian seafood industry on the matter of ecologically sustainable development.
3. Develop and consolidate environmental expertise in the South Australian seafood industry.
4. Provide training and development opportunities for members of South Australia’s seafood industry to further their understanding and response to environmental issues.
5. Ensure South Australian prawn and rock lobster fisheries perform to international marketing and community standards

Final report

ISBN: 0-646-45063-8
Author: Samara Miller (Ex)
Final Report • 2005-09-27


The principal objective of the project was to provide a State EMS Officer for South Australia to develop and implement an environmental management system with the prawn and rocklobster fisheries.  
An integrated third party audited EMS was developed with the rocklobster sector which covered sustainability risks, environmental risks, food safety and quality risks, animal welfare risks as well as occupational health and safety risks.  Best practice standards, easy to read ‘flipcards’, training materials and reference materials were developed as part of a Clean Green Program.  Two manuals were developed; Best Practice Manual and On Boat Induction Manual.  An On Boat Management System Manual was developed with the Spencer Gulf and West Coast Prawn Industry. Best practice environmental standards were developed as well as ‘flipcards’ on environmental standards.
Leadership was provided to all sectors of the seafood industry in the form of presentations, print media and discussions with individuals.  The EMS State Officer participated in a range of forums such as Seafood EMS Pilot Program, Annual Review Forums, Technical Reference Panel meetings, National Seafood EMS Summits and workshops over the two year period.  Work on the EMS’s were done in collaboration with the South Australian Rock Lobster Advisory Council and the EMS Sub-committee of the Spencer Gulf and West Coast Prawn Fishermen’s Association. 

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