Project number: 2004-406
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $4,994.00
Principal Investigator: Anita Heijkoop
Organisation: Australian Seafood Industry Council (ASIC)
Project start/end date: 29 Jun 2004 - 30 Jun 2005


This proposal addresses several priorities articulated in the industry development plans of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry1; the Australian Seafood Industry Council1; and the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation1, namely:
AFFA - More sustainable, competitive and profitable Australian fishery industry.
ASIC - Financial viability of commercial fisheries and associated communities, based on industry stability and growth in both domestic and export markets that is consistent with economic, and social policy goals for Australia.
FRDC - The commercial sector of the industry is profitable and internationally competitive; the commercial, recreational and traditional sectors are socially resilient
The seafood industry WorldSkills competition promotes skill development of the industry’s workforce. This is intrinsic to the sustainable economic development of the industry. To remain globally competitive, the industry needs to be responsive to changes and this implies a workforce capable of adapting.The competition also targets younger people who are the future of the industry. This contributes to the social fabric of the communities in which the industry operates. As the competition is being held in Queensland in 2004, there is opportunity for exposure to indigenous people who would benefit from training based on the Seafood Industry Training Package.The competition encourages performance in the industry and promotes efficiencies by highlighting industry best practice and standards in seafood processing and retailing including the uptake of formal training. The demonstration of our young people’s skills will also have an impact on negative community perceptions of the industry. Positive images of young people showcasing their talents and promoting skills, jobs and careers in the industry will be coupled with a celebrity chef who will promote an enjoyable and glamorous aspect of the industry, an image to which the public can relate. The celebrity chef will conduct a seafood cooking demonstration during the lunch break inviting the audience to taste samples and participate through questions about seafood, how to cook and store it properly and its health benefits.Recipe cards and brochures will be freely distributed to the lunchtime audience and spectators at the competition. This initiative also satisfies Seafood Services Australia’s (SSA) aim to help organisations and people overcome impediments and capitalise on opportunities for developing the seafood industry. With the scheduling of the next SSA network meeting to precede this event, a number of benefits and opportunities for SSA will arise:
Development of the network and its ideas through network members attending the WorldSkills event;
Expansion of the network through the introduction of new members - employers from around Australia who are travelling to Queensland for the competition As a sponsor to the seafood industry WorldSkills competition, SSA will be acknowledged in a number of ways which SSA can negotiate with WorldSkills. This will provide greater exposure for SSA with its attendant benefits.


1. Demonstrate and promote best practice in processing and seafood retailing, and compliance with nationally endorsed industy standards
2. Develop a set of documented best practice procedures in seafood processing and retailing within the framework of the Seafood Industry Training Package
3. Develop a more positive profile of the industry

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