Project number: 2006-210
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $108,226.66
Principal Investigator: Bruce Phillips
Organisation: Curtin University
Project start/end date: 29 Jun 2006 - 30 Jun 2008


The catches of Australia’s rock lobster fisheries are at or near their maximum level. However, adding value to the rocklobster catch will ensure continuing and improved returns for industry. This can be achieved by way of enshrining maximum quality on delivery to the processing factories, maximum survival of live lobsters shipped to overseas destinations, perfect cooking regimes for the portion of the product processed for this market either in Australia or overseas, the maximum recovery during processing, and a continuous maintenance and upgrading of handling conditions, maintaining and improving health and safety conditions, and having respect for community welfare concerns.

The purpose of the Subprogram is to work with industry to identify the opportunities and priorities to enhance products and profitability and to assist industry meet these challenges. It then seeks to identify and support the research needed to provide answers to permit industry to grasp these opportunities, in a cost effective and timely manner. The outcomes of the research are rapidly provided to industry in a form that allows industry to capture the benefits of the research for the Australian industry. Of special importance is the need for the Subprogram to co-ordinate research effort, eliminate duplication of applications and ensure that projects are relevant.

The global market for lobsters now demands Australia to compete effectively in these markets, and the subprogram assists in ensuring that there is capacity to achieve this to allow the industry to maintain and improve its competitive advantage.


1. Coordinate the FRDC Rock Lobster Subprogram
2. Conduct an annual research workshop to present outcomes from the Subprogram to industry and the public, and to define research objectives for subsequent years
3. Facilitate travel of the Subprogram principal investigators, industry members and Subprogram Leader to biannual scientific committee meetings in Australia or New Zealand.
4. Facilitate travel of industry members, and Subprogram leader to biannual Steering Committee meetings
5. Coordinate the preparation of Subprogram media releases and workshop publications
6. Integrate with other FRDC funded rock lobster research programs including the FRDC Rock Lobster Enhancement and Aquaculture Subprogram
7. Coordinate the preparation and distribution of a biannual Subprogram newsletter
8. Develop and maintain a strategic plan for rock lobster research
9. Continually supervise the scientific studies within the Subprogram

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