Project number: 2007-237
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $16,791.19
Principal Investigator: Mike Heasman
Organisation: MP and HM Heasman and Associates
Project start/end date: 6 Mar 2007 - 30 Apr 2007


The FRDC and the NT Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry is seeking to engage an experienced and qualified consultancy to review the management and technical operations of the GDE mud crab pond farming project in Darwin and the BAC pen farming project in Maningrida since their inception about two years ago. This commission is needed to establish how best to take these projects forward – towards achieving socio-economic and environmentally sustainable viablity and stakeholders’ aspirations.


0. Evaluate resourcing and capital Infrastructure, operating and husbandry systems biotechnology in relation to best practice
1. Assess suitability (weaknesses and strengths) of sites especially availability of salt and fresh water and how any deficiencies can be circumvented and attributes made better use of.
2. Empower GDE and BAC stakeholders on how best to take their projects forward based on achievement of the above objectives– -
3. Evaluate methods and- performance of the GDE and BAC projects wrt processing and packaging, storage and transportation, value adding and marketing of various mudcrab products generated in relation to best practice
4. Assess if current management and operational practices of the GDE and BAC projects are appropriate and if not, how they can be improved
5. Conduct a skills audit, and assess if staff support needs are being met

Final report

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