Project number: 2008-314.40
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $5,800.00
Organisation: South Australian Oyster Growers Association (SAOGA)
Project start/end date: 16 Jun 2014 - 28 Nov 2014


French Seashell and Marine Culture Exhibition being held in France 16 and 17 Sept is a major tradeshow of husbandry methods sponsored by SEAPA. A recent Report on the impact of recent Crassostrea gigas mortality in France and its consequences to oyster farming in Northern Ireland, Fabrice Richez, Richez Marine Consultancy, Ireland 2012, identifies a range of husbandry methods being trialled in France, and the impact of colder water temperatures on mortalities - specifically factor isolation in ponds (of great interest in SA both for starting and finishing oysters), nursery, and disease free containment areas and farming at cold sea temperatures and the development of specific practices, positioning oysters higher (has not been so effective), late seed transfer and off-shore longline culture as alternative husbandry methods to reduce mortalities. Slowing the growth of the seed in the first year is also being trialled to reduce mortality. SA and Tasmanian oyster growers are about to invest heavily in a POMS resistant breeding program. In the interim, husbandry methods which reduce mortality have much to offer. Subtidal leases also offer an option to increase production for SA growers in particular for those who wish to diversify into Ostrea angasi. Longline culture and setting techniques may offer viable growing methods for this species. The oyster fest in Galway would also be part of the trip to gain further first hand knowledge on developments in Ireland.


1. Better understanding of husbandry methods which impact survival of pacific oysters in POMS infected areas
2. Established networks with growers in France and Ireland
3. Established networks with researchers in France and Ireland
4. Established networks with manufacturers through the tradeshow and first hand understanding of products
5. Better understanding of husbandry methods which impact production of native oyster ostrea edulis/ostrea angasi
6. Improved understanding of market demand and supply factors for European oysters and market potential for Australian grown oysters
7. Better understanding first hand of latest research and development advances which impact survival of pacific oysters in POMS infected areas

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