Project number: 2008-763.10
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $27,378.00
Principal Investigator: Tom Madigan
Organisation: SARDI Food Safety and Innovation
Project start/end date: 28 Feb 2010 - 31 May 2012


This project will contribute to work that will fulfil critical CRC Milestones. Furthermore, there is potential that the work
will result in a direct increase in the value of Australian oyster production by value adding existing

The Australian Seafood CRC has previously identified that building capacity in the area of seafood
processing is a high priority for the CRC. This project will make use of and contribute to the collaborative
links with the UK based Grimsby Institute.

The project will develop Australian capability and capacity in value adding of products that will be
applicable to many areas of the CRC. This will be critical to the Australian seafood processing industry
being able to deliver innovative seafood products which are of high eating quality.


1. Identify key organoleptic, microbial and biochemical indicators of quality in half shell Australian oysters to be used to assess quality in further stages of the project.
2. Conduct a detailed evaluation of current processing practices to evaluate the changes in microbial communities and key chemical indicators at all critical stages in the processing chain through to point of sale.
3. Evaluate the applicability of Modified Atmosphere Packaging to increase the shelf-life of half shell products, with the specific aim of developing a technique that can be used to produce a novel supermarket ready product
4. Evaluate the key organoleptic, microbiological and biochemical attributes of half shell Australian oysters following cryogenic freezing using the latest technologies
5. Evaluate the effects of novel HPP techniques on Australian oyster eating quality by evaluating the organoleptic, microbial and biochemical spoilage profiles post treatment

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