Project number: 2008-775
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $4,899.00
Principal Investigator: Francis Ryan
Organisation: Australian Seafood Industries Pty Ltd (ASI)
Project start/end date: 2 Nov 2008 - 29 Nov 2008


This project is designed to define oyster ‘condition’ and to review the techniques available for its assessment as a precursor to projects in the areas of genetics, market/supply chain and food safety.

Based on industry input, SOCo, ASI and the Oyster Consortium place oyster ‘condition’ as the highest priority for genetic research.

ASI and SOCo in conjunction with NSW DPI and the CSIRO Food Futures Flagship, intend to submit a CRC proposal entitled “Incorporation of selection for condition/survival into a breeding strategy for Sydney rock oysters and Pacific oysters.” The aspects of ‘condition’ of significance are:
a) Physiological and reproductive condition
b) Marketability

Before the detailed research proposal can be developed it is necessary to:
* determine the defining characteristics of marketability (such as meat weight, meat-shell ratio, meat colour, glycogen levels and/or lipid levels, gonadal development) and
* consider the techniques best suited to measuring the characteristics of significance.

This project will also aid other CRC projects to achieve their objectives: “Protecting the Safety and Quality of Australian Oysters using Predictive Models Integrated with ‘Intelligent’ Cold Chain Technologies” and, if the project is supported, “Quality, shelf-life and value-adding of Australian oysters.”

Oyster growers, marketers and end point users, as well as geneticists, oyster breeding groups, biologists and technologists need to be involved in discussion to focus aims of both proposed and current research.


1. To identify the characteristics which define ‘marketable condition’ in Sydney rock and Pacific oysters.
2. To review and identify existing and potential technologies for the rapid and efficient measure of marketable condition characteristics for use in the foreshadowed project “Incorporation of selection for condition/survival into a breeding strategy for Sydney rock oysters and Pacific oysters.”
3. To provide an overview of the characteristics which define physiological/reproductive ‘condition’ in Pacific and Sydney rock oysters.

Final report

ISBN: 978-1-925982-61-9
Author: Francis Ryan
Final Report • 2008-11-30


The workshop was held under the auspices of the Select Oyster Breeding Company of New South Wales (SOCo) and Australian Seafood Industries (ASI), companies involved with selective breeding programs for Sydney rock and Pacific oysters respectively. Its aim was to clarify and consolidate the views of researchers, oyster growers and marketers as to what constitutes oyster 'condition' in preparation for a research project to investigate aspects of oyster condition associated with selective breeding programs.

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