Project number: 2009-048.20
Project Status:
Budget expenditure: $40,488.18
Principal Investigator: Geoff R. Diver
Organisation: Diversity Sustainable Development Consultants Pty Ltd
Project start/end date: 11 Aug 2009 - 30 Sep 2010


Monitoring of remote small vessel fisheries in Australia is often difficult and always costly. Travel costs, observer wages, and operational inefficiencies and restrictions of small vessels in accommodating on-board observers are all factors which act to restrict monitoring coverage while still incurring a relatively high cost to industry. With the a growing need for accurate catch and effort data and the high costs and operational restrictions of using human observers there is a subsequent need to find a cost effective alternative that will not only improve coverage levels but also reduce costs.


1. To determine if an electronic monitoring system is a feasible alternative to on board observers for species identification, and the quantification of discarded and retained weights in a remote fishery.
2. To determine the full range of costs and benefits of implementing an Electronic Monitoring System.
3. To compare the full range of cost and benefits of an electronic monitoring system with the full range of costs and benefits of on board observers.

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